What do we do?

Indian weddings are colourful, filled with cultural nuances, and offer an unforgettable experience for those who attend it.

From intimate ceremonies that are charged with emotion to bright events with dance and music, each Indian wedding function is unique. While we may all hail from different countries, the celebration of love and marriage is something that we all share. Experiencing an Indian wedding can allow you to learn more about the culture, the people, and the lifestyles followed in India. It is one of the best ways to enhance your travels through this vibrant country!

At Zipomp, we offer a unique experience for travellers – tickets to Indian weddings. Through our website, you can receive an invitation to a wedding and enjoy immersing yourself in a culture that’s quite different from your own. Couples planning their wedding can play hosts to travellers and earn from the experience too.

How does it work?

With Zipomp, all it takes is a few easy steps to enjoy an Indian wedding and create memories you’ll cherish for life!

How does it work for hosts?

  1. Register your wedding on Zipomp
  2. Nominate the family member who will guide your guest during the wedding
  3. Pick whether you want to offer accommodation to your guest or not
  4. Receive a secure online booking from a guest
  5. Share contact details and correspond with each other
  6. Welcome your guest at the wedding and enjoy making new friends
  7. Receive the invitation payment within three days of the wedding!

How does it work for guests?

  1. Fill up the contact form and let us know your travel dates
  2. Browse through an extensive list of exciting weddings
  3. Decide whether you’re looking for accommodation too, and pick weddings accordingly
  4. Make a secure online partial payment to receive your invite
  5. Correspond with your host family and get to know them
  6. Attend the wedding and enjoy a cultural experience like no other
  7. Boast about your awesome trip to India to your friends!

Upcoming Weddings

Can’t wait for an experience of a lifetime? Join us at one of the upcoming weddings listed below.

Ankit & Surbhi

Date: 19 March 2019
Location: Delhi

Join the grand wedding ceremony of Ankit & Surbhi.

Neha & Raghav

Date: 24 March 2019
Location: Gurugram 

Attend the big fat Indian wedding of Neha & Raghav.

Udita & Aditya

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Location: Delhi

Join the splendid wedding ceremony of Udita & Aditya.


What do host families often ask us?

Why should I invite a foreigner to my wedding?

By inviting someone from a different country to your wedding, you can enjoy sharing cultural nuances and making new friends. The next time you go travelling to their country, you’ll have someone to meet!

How do I know that the guests will respect my wedding?

Guests pay a significant fee in order to be a part of your special day. They want to learn about your culture and experience the beauty of Indian weddings. So, they are bound to conduct themselves in a respectful manner throughout each function they attend.

How do you verify the guest’s identity?

We ask all our users to sign up through their social media accounts, which helps us verify who they are!

Do we have to arrange for accommodation for the guest?

We understand that as a host couple, you have a lot of tasks and chores during your wedding period. Therefore, it is not mandatory to offer accommodation to your guests. However, we encourage you to do so, so that you can offer an authentic and amazing experience to the travellers!

At Zipomp, we want to offer the amazing experience of Indian weddings to guests from all cultural backgrounds. If the guest cannot speak the same languages as you, we offer assistance to make the hosting responsibilities far easier for everyone!

When will I receive my gift money?

We ensure that all the guests perform 25% of secure online payment before attending your wedding. However, in order to ensure fairness to both sides, we ask guests to pay the remaining 75% of the amount directly to the couple on the wedding day as a wedding gift.

Will my wedding details be made public on Zipomp?

No, we ensure complete confidentiality regarding your wedding details like the venue, host info, and so on. The details are only disclosed to the guest once you confirm their booking. By doing so, we ensure maximum security for you

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and for the guest.

Why should I use Zipomp?

Zipomp offers a unique experience for both, guests and hosts. We are a revolutionary site and one of the first movers to offer such a great experience in India at the moment. Be a part of our network to make new friends, enjoy a fantastic experience, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

What do our guests usually ask us?

Why should I attend the Indian wedding of a stranger?

As a traveller, you know that each country has a unique culture and immersing yourself in the same can allow you to add more dimensions to your travels. By attending Indian weddings, you can experience ceremonies that are aesthetically gorgeous, filled with emotion and ripe with cultural norms. These memories will last a lifetime! As we facilitate communication between the guest and host prior to the wedding, the experience will not feel as though you are intruding on a stranger’s personal life!

How can I experience an Indian wedding?

Unless you know someone in India who is getting married, the only way to experience the beauty of Indian weddings is through Zipomp! All you need to do is go through our listing to find weddings that suit your travel dates and locations!

How can I book an invitation to a wedding?

You need to browse through the numerous options of weddings that are listed. When you find a wedding that suits your dates and location, you can submit the contact form providing us with your travel dates, selected wedding, number of invites required and other details. As soon as the host confirms your booking, the Zipomp representative will contact you back and guide you to make an online payment. Once the payment goes through, you will receive the invite with additional details regarding the wedding venue and schedule, as well as contact details for your hosts.

What does my invitation include?

By buying an invite to the Indian wedding, you are privy to unlimited food and entry to every function of the wedding as stated in the package. The invitation price also includes taxes. If host families are offering additional services such as accommodation, transportation, or a 2-day invite, the details will be highlighted in the wedding package. This way, you can make an informed decision while choosing the wedding.

What happens if the wedding gets cancelled?

Indians generally do not cancel weddings as this comes with a ton of social stigma. So, guests travelling to see Indian weddings do not have to worry about this. However, in the rare event of a cancellation, your money will be fully refunded to your account.

Why should I use Zipomp?

At Zipomp, we understand that to thrive within the service industry, we must offer exemplary services to all our users. Thus, not only do we facilitate your communication with the host family, we also offer any assistance that you may need in order to enhance your trip. So, gear up to enjoy an event like no other. If you have any additional queries, get in touch with our experienced team of planners through our contact page!

What happens if I cannot attend the wedding?

If your plans get cancelled, you can cancel your ticket 15 days prior to the wedding. Doing so will entitle you to a full refund. However, if you cancel the booking within 15 days before the wedding, then 50% of the invitation charge is still applicable.

Why should I pay to be a guest?

The fee that you pay in order to be a part of the wedding goes to the Indian couple as a gift to start their new life together. Zipomp only takes a small commission from this fee for facilitating your amazing experience!

Contact Us

Submit your travel details/wedding details if you wish to be a part of this great opportunity. Or get in touch with us if you have any questions before you want

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to proceed!