Neha & Raghav

Neha & Raghav met at a wedding for the first time, spent time with each other during all the pre-wedding functions, and instantly felt the connect. When he first saw her, he felt that she was a girl full of love and life. For Raghav, it was love at first sight. At the same time, Neha found him to be an extremely loving and thoughtful person. Even though they were attracted to each other, they confined their feelings to themselves. It was Raghav’s sister, who played the cupid between the two of them. And then, there was no looking back for this beautiful couple, who decided to get married.

Neha & Raghav would love you to join them on their special day, while you are travelling in India.

Price: $175 per person $250  (Save 30%)
The price you pay will be passed on as a

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gift to the couple and includes entry to all the ceremonies on the wedding day + Snacks & Dinner

Date: 24 March, 2019
Location: Gurugram (Venue will be disclosed once the booking is confirmed)
Timing: 11am – 4pm (approximately)

Food: Vegetarian
Alcohol: No
Dress code: Indian traditional attire
Language(s) of the wedding: Hindi, English
Accommodation: Not included
Transportation: Not included